All about Swimming Pools

Camp Pool Builders, LLC knows all about any type of swimming pool you are interested in building. We offer hands on, one on one consulting during your pool construction endeavor. Camp Pool Builders offers two different pool lines, each type of pool has varying construction practices and timelines. Below, you will find information regarding the pool construction process of each of our pool lines, and additional information to help you determine which options are best for you and your family.

Custom Fiberglass Pool Line

Custom Fiberglass Pools are manufactured with 26 years experience in design and manufacturing, and delivered right to your door.

Fiberglass Pool Construction Process:

  • The hole is excavated
  • The pool is set
  • The pool is filled with water
  • As the pool fills, the plumbing is run, equipment is set, and the pool is backfilled.
  • Once the pool is full, the tile is set and the deck is installed.

Benefits of theCustom Fiberglass Pool Line:

  • Our Custom Fiberglass Pools have pre-set designs.
  • Customize your pool by selecting your depth profile, personalized liner, and coping & decking material.
  • Like fiberglass, these pools do harbor algae growth. Having a non-porous surface leads to less chemical and electricity usage during the season.
  • The need to replace the liner allows for change in the future, and costs less to replace than re-plastering.
  • The long term cost of owning these pools is mid-range between the Premier Shotcrete Pool Line and the Vinyl Liner Pool Line.
  • Custom Fiberglass Pools have a low cost of construction.
  • Fiberglass pools are for families who want a pool, but maybe their property values don’t warrant the larger investment.
  • Fiberglass Pools are a perfect fit for a first pool owner in a younger community.

Custom Shot-Crete Pool Line

Embrace your creativity by designing your own Tailored Shotcrete Pool, constructed of 4000 PSI Shotcrete.

Shotcrete Pool Construction Process:

  • The shotcrete pool is formed & excavated
  • Rebar is placed & bonded
  • The Shotcrete is blasted into place by craftsmen who cut & finish the interior to match your pool specifications.
  • After placing the plumbing lines, setting the tile, coping & equipment, the deck is completed and you’re ready for plaster.

Benefits of the Shotcrete Pool Line:

  • Our Shotcrete pools have options such as integrated spas, raised walls, tanning ledges, and water features.
  • Shotcrete pools can be built to any size, shape, and depth profile. If space is an issue, these pools can be designed to maximize your area.
  • Further customize the shotcrete pool by selecting your personalized tile, interior finish color & material, and coping & decking material.
  • Shotcrete pools have the most expensive initial cost of construction.
  • The need to re-surface the shotcrete pool allows for change in the future. The re-surface cost combined with higher chemical & electrical costs gives this line the highest long term cost of ownership.

Our clients who are accustomed to being completely tailored to, normally find that shotcrete pools fit them best.

How does the pool design process work?

Kevin Camp, Owner of Camp Pool Builders will set up a meeting to discuss your pool interests and budget.

Kevin will find out what you envision in your backyard, and then help you design the perfect pool for your lifestyle, yard and budget.

Prior to meeting, you may want to browse through our swimming pool pictures to get some ideas on our Portfolio Page.

What types of custom pool features are available?

Camp Pool Builders Swimming Pool Construction Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, SCAlmost anything you can imagine! Camp Pool Builders’ design team is expert in designing and building custom features like waterfalls, jump rocks, cabo shelves with umbrella sleeves, tanning ledges, fountains, and grottos. Tell us what you’d like, and we’ll do it.

What pool shapes are available?

Your choices are unlimited when it comes to shapes and design. Freeform, lagoon, Grecian… it’s up to you. Camp Pool Builders will offer suggestions on the best way to utilize the size and shape of your yard.

Wherever your imagination takes you, Camp Pool Builders can design and build it.

Contact Camp Pool Builders at (843) 683-2862 for a face to face meeting and property evaluation to help determine which type of pool will best suit your need.