How long does it take to build a pool?

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Depending on the season, type of pool being installed, and the scope of work included in the project… Fiberglass Pools at grade with concrete or paver decks can be installed by Camp Pool Builders as quickly as 3 weeks.

It can take as long as fourteen weeks for Camp Pool Builders to install the following:

  • Turn-key Elevated Shot-Crete
  • Fiberglass pool complete with engineering, footing and CMU Pool substructure or retaining wall
  • Shot-Crete Pool Structure or Fiberglass Shell
  • Elevated wood or masonry decks
  • Masonry decks at grade
  • Propane tank installation
  • Electrical installation
  • Service yard fence construction.

The Camp Pool Builders Pool Construction Process:

Custom Fiberglass pools and spas:

  • Installed and filled with water within 7 business days. Camp Pool Builders requires all fiberglass pools to sit for 2 weeks after backfill and completion to allow for the pool and the surrounding deck grade to lock into place. The interim between the pool install and deck install is when the equipment is set and wired, and the service yard fence is installed (if required).

Shot-Crete pools and spas:

  • Can be completed through plaster as quickly as 6 weeks; however, typical project average approximately 8-10 weeks for Camp Pool Builders.

Elevated Pools:

  • Whether Fiberglass or Shot-Crete… require extra time. The average time it takes to install an elevated pool and deck is approximately 12 weeks. Additional time must be allotted for the extra phases and inspections required to lift the pool and surrounding deck off the ground.

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