Shot-Crete Pool Construction

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Embrace your creativity by designing your own Tailored Shot-crete Pool, constructed of 4000 PSI Shot-crete. The shot-crete pool is formed & excavated, rebar is placed & bonded, and then the Shot-crete is blasted into place by craftsmen who cut & finish the interior to match your pool specifications.

After placing the plumbing lines, setting the tile, coping & equipment, the deck is completed and you’re ready for plaster.

Shot-crete Pool PROS:

  • Our Shot-crete pools have options such as integrated spas, raised walls, tanning ledges, and water features.
  • Shot-crete pools can be built to any size, shape, and depth profile. If space is an issue, these pools can be designed to maximize your area.
  • Further customize the shot-crete pool by selecting your personalized tile, interior finish color & material, and coping & decking material.
  • Shot-crete pools have the most expensive initial cost of construction.
  • The need to re-surface the shot-crete pool allows for change in the future. The re-surface cost combined with higher chemical & electrical costs gives this line the highest long term cost of ownership.

Our clients who are accustomed to being completely tailored to, normally find that shot-crete pools fit them best.

It takes 6-8 weeks to build our tailored shot-crete pool.

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